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Spring? Where are you?

Spring? Where are you?

Anita Sheth

This long winter has taken its toll on all of us, let massage therapy help you to unwind from the stress of the weather.

Over the last decade, the massage industry has grown by leaps and bounds. In the past, many shared the attitude that massage was a luxury that people couldn't afford or it was something that people who were in a high degree of pain used as a last resort to try to experience some relief. Today, with the emergence of retail massage and an increased knowledge from the public about the benefits of massage, its modalities and practices have become more of a widely utilized form of healthcare, relaxation and luxury that millions of people are using on a daily basis.

Some of the turning points that can be attributed to the recent explosion in popularity and acceptance of massage by the American population include:

  • The weaving of traditional medicine with massage techniques. Nurses in the past and present have used the power of touch and massage in hospitals to help in healing patients. Specifically, nurses have used touch techniques in premature babies to help them thrive.
  • The on-camera presence of therapists at the Olympics. The world was exposed to the power of massage therapy when they saw Olympic athletes traveling with their therapists, as well as use massage techniques to prepare for and recover from their Olympic event.
  • The emergence of retail massage locations nationwide. More accessible massage studios have increased acceptance of massage therapy by the majority of the population as it is becoming seen as more of a necessity rather than a luxury. These locations and monthly wellness programs allow you to easily carve time out of your busy schedule to take care of yourself on a routine basis.
  • The introduction of industry licenses and therapist training. Massage has become more of a serious business over the past few years as many states require therapists to have initial and continuing education, as well as hold licenses to practice massage therapy. The industry also has added national oversight that plays an active role in defining how massage is delivered and how therapists are trained.

In our society of diminished downtime and escalating responsibilities, the need and demand for massage therapy continues to rise. The sandwich generation, in particular, is turning to massage for relief and relaxation to combat the increased responsibilities and stress associated with taking care of the people who have raised them, as well as raising their own children. Make massage a part of your life today!

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