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Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung

Anita S.

We are all anticipating a glorious spring. Not only do we look forward to the changes in nature, the green grass, the budding flowers, and the warmer weather, but we also relish in the spirit of renewal, rebirth, and growth, which spring brings.

Spring into action by taking cues from nature, and enjoy your own renewal and revitalization. Just as animals shed their thick coats of fur during this time, maybe your coat is the extra few pounds you are carrying around, which can be shed with a healthier lifestyle. Or, it could be that your extra coat involves a relationship which may be burdening you, and needs to be gently released, or, a bad habit, which needs to be addressed. Examine what is heavy on your shoulders, and see if it can be shed. Allow yourself to experience your own renewal and growth.

In May, as we celebrate mothers, on Mothers Day, recognize the many sacrifices, personal and professional, that your mother has made while raising you. The universe provides every mother the monumental strength needed for this most challenging job: raising a child. Bravo to all mothers, young and old, for their unconditional love, wisdom, and perseverance. There is no job description for this role; but there is a natural instinct guiding all mothers along this incredible journey.

And, on Memorial Day, we pay tribute to those who have served this great country. Many have sacrificed their lives, and we offer them our respects. Many thanks to all those service men and women who continue to protect, and to serve the United States, so that we may enjoy our freedom.

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