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Silence and stillness

Silence and stillness

Anita S.

The winds of seasonal change are upon us once again! So refreshing to feel the crisp autumn air to revitalize and refresh us with new energy!

With the new season, maybe it's time to reflect upon how to quiet our minds so that we can put an end to non-stop thinking. All of us have an endless internal dialogue going on in our heads, sometimes impossible to stop. This constant chatter can lead to stress - in particular, the chatter which thrives in all of the unwanted thoughts and situations which our minds can create.

One way to control the internal dialogue is through meditation, which can help bring awareness to the thoughts we want to nurture. Our thoughts affect our actions, and our state of mind. Consciously allowing selective thoughts into our minds, and feeding on those positive/good/nurtured thoughts, can help us to feel more in control. Thoughts/feelings of negativity and apprehension create stress in our minds and bodies. So, choose to allow only selective thoughts to enter your mind. Start with five minutes a day of silence, and grow from there. You will see the difference in your mind, body and soul!

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