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Woodgrove Festival

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Pursue happiness

Pursue happiness

Anita S.

It seems as if we are all so busy being on our devices, or, committed to numerous activities requiring us to be at certain places at specific times, that we are in a constant state of crankiness. Maybe it's time to take a step back, breathe, get off our devices, and spend time personally interacting with each other, to find ourselves again.

Socializing and interacting with other individuals nurtures and breeds happiness within ourselves. A strong connection to others, being kind to each other, and being part of a community, all lead to a sense of fulfillment. Research shows that having strong social connections is associated with health benefits, including a lower risk of heart disease and stroke, and that socially isolated people suffer from various health issues. So, build time into your day to nurture some treasured relationships - nurture happiness.

This month, we celebrate fathers! The men who had significant roles in your life deserve recognition for their time, energy, dedication and support for their efforts.

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