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Purposeful movement

Purposeful movement

Anita S.

Movement of our bodies takes effort. Effort is required of us to maintain our health, balance, coordination, and our mental focus. However, due to technology, and also to the ease and convenience of not having to physically move ourselves to obtain almost anything, we are becoming accustomed to not having to move. This is not good for us physically, mentally and emotionally.

We used to have to walk into places to do ordinary tasks - dropping/picking up dry cleaning, prescription medications, food - now, with the drive thru windows at most retail outlets, we don't need to step inside any store. And with delivery services delivering fast food, which is essentially not healthy because of its processed ingredients, right to our doorstep, we don't even need to leave our homes/offices. Key fobs make it convenient to unlock/lock our cars, but they eliminate the need for us to move our wrist. And with fall just around the corner, leaf blowers will emerge - of course, they are much easier than raking leaves.

The non movement leads to unhealthy sedentary behavior patterns. After a while, we become used to the conveniences offered us, and we forget how we are really harming our own selves.

Determine to become aware of your non movement behaviors, and change them. Becoming aware is half the solution, the other half is to physically move. How you move ultimately makes a difference not only in your physical being, but in your mental awareness as well.

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