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Prioritize yourself for a new decade

Prioritize yourself for a new decade

Anita S.

In a new decade, renew, rejuvenate, re-energize and re-organize your priorities. Make your own self, your main priority, by practicing self care.

Practicing self care is more important than taking care of others. Yet, we deny ourselves this simple act. Self care allows us the ability, the reserve, the strength of mind and body, both physically and emotionally, to be there for those we love.

Certainties which should be acknowledged when we self-care:

-It is not selfish;

-It is not always relaxing or easy;

-It is for everyone, and it is unique and individual for each person.

Consider the following activities, and how much time you devote your energy and intention: Good nutrition, regular and adequate sleep, physical activity, or movement, social interactions (face to face), spiritual meditation, and stress management. Is there an area which is lacking in attention? If there is, make a change in this new decade, new year, and focus on that area.

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