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Woodgrove Festival

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1001 W 75th St
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Own Your Journey

Own Your Journey

Anita S.

There is one certainty of our existence, and that is, each one of us has a unique journey which is entirely our own. Of course this is partly due to life events and occurrences which may be beyond our control, but also due to our choices. Taking responsibility and being accountable for our decisions, especially when we don't achieve the desired results we had hoped for, is part of our individual growth and awareness, a path in our journey.

As we navigate through the course of living our life, our characters form and develop. Certain events may be completely devastating to some people, and they begin to self medicate. But these same events may cause other people to open their minds to seek constructive resolutions to the challenges they face, and handle life's curve balls by finding their own strength.

Nobody is immune to the challenges and hardships that come along the journey. How we cope with these obstacles defines our responsibility for our journey.

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