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Managing stress during the holiday season!

Managing stress during the holiday season!

Anita Sheth

The holiday season is now here, and, although it is a festive and joyous time for all, it also can bring in an enemy: STRESS!

The Mayo Clinic notes that studies have found massage helpful for stress relief and for managing anxiety and depression, as well as boosting immunity. Massage has been shown to help regulate hormones including norepinephrine, cortisol and serotonin — naturally occurring chemicals in the body that are associated with stress, relaxation and mood.

Beyond the physical effects of tactile manipulation of the muscles, tissues, joints and organs, the stress-relief and health benefits of massage also come from the caring and comfort of physical touch. These benefits of regular massage can help you cope with stress when it’s occurring — and also develop a stronger everyday resilience to the stresses life will inevitably bring. Stressed to the max? We can help. Our team of massage therapy professionals is trained to help you identify your stress “storage” points and release the tension physically ­— so you can let it go more easily and feel calm, cool and in control of whatever comes at you. Life brings it on. We get it out. Happy Thanksgiving!

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