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Make Yourself a Priority through Sense Exploration!

Make Yourself a Priority through Sense Exploration!

Anita S.

Carving out time to care for yourself and experiencing moments of personal satisfaction each day is crucial to your mental and physical well-being. We have too many responsibilities with taking care of our families, caretaking, work, and other obligations. We get lost in the mad dash of the day. One way to rejuvenate is by taking a few moments each day to focus on one of your five senses, and you will begin to see and feel the difference.

Sight: Think about the sights that make you the happiest, and envision it.

Hearing: How often do you actually listen to the ones you love? Or, take the time to listen to the tunes that you truly enjoy?

Smell: STOP and smell the roses! Today is the day to do it!

Taste: Most of us eat on the run, and so fast, that we don't even know what we are eating. Take the time to actually taste the different flavors and spices that make up your meal. Indulge in your favorite tastes, like dark chocolate!

Touch: When you see your loved one, take a moment and hug them! You will make their day! Pet your animals, and see the joy you bring them!

And, of course, experience the therapeutic benefits of a professional massage!

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