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Live stress free

Live stress free

Anita S.

By making conscious choices about the way we want to live our lives, we are taking the first step to self awareness. Each choice that we make will have its own effect, or consequence. Therefore, it is critical to make the right choice in any situation.

This is particularly true when it comes to our own health. Many suffer from health issues which are not in their control, and for those issues, the appropriate professional care must be sought and received. But certain health conditions are generated by our own bad choices. By making choices that will immediately or eventually adversely effect our health, we are only harming ourselves.

One such health condition which we create is stress. Stress is a primary source of disease. Some symptoms of stress include digestive problems, weight gain, body aches, inability to focus or sleep, hair/eyelash loss... the list goes on. As these symptoms worsen, with time, disease is generated. The ability to eliminate stress in our lives is in our control. Making better choices about what we eat, how much we drink, not to smoke, engaging in activities to build social relationships, being regularly active in a sport, how we react to the drama around us, not to allow people to manipulate us, and to avoid toxic people, and instead, to spend our time with people who lift us up - these are all valid choices that we are able to make.

The choice is yours. Make it the right choice, so that you may live your best and healthiest self, and enjoy the life that is offered you.

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