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"Like" less; Love more

"Like" less; Love more

Anita S.

It is a simple four letter word, but it's meaning is an intense and powerful emotion, one that everybody is capable of feeling. Love is a feeling which is sought after, cherished, and universal. It knows no boundaries, and has no limitations. Were we to have more love in the world, this would lead to more acceptance, tolerance, and understanding of each other on this earth.

Yet, it appears that we value the "likes" we receive on our posts, rather than feel the real emotion of love. What a different world it would be were we to spend more of our precious time loving, rather than "liking"? It seems as if current culture has conditioned us to instantly be able to "like" something, yet, we are losing touch with the quality of time required to "love". The lure of being on our devices is too strong, and we cannot seem to get off them, even when we are with those we love.

By turning off devices during quality time spent with our loved ones, we are forced to converse, and reconnect. There is nothing that can compare to the one on one time, without interruption or distraction, with those who we love. Maybe it's time to not worry about having to "like" posts, pictures, articles, videos, etc. Instead, make it a point, to give full attention, and, to also receive it.

Love again.

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