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Hope is in the air

Hope is in the air

Anita S.

Many of us are feeling overwhelmed and maybe a little hopeless right now. We have lost our freedom and mobility to do the things we enjoyed before mandatory "shelter in place" orders. The initial orders were necessary to gain control of a deadly virus. Staying at home kept us safe, and also slowed down our fast paced lives.

However, as the days stretch into weeks, this begins to take a toll on our mental health. Feelings of despair and hopelessness are a result of weeks of not interacting with others, and being confined indoors. There is a shining light, in that, this will pass. Hope is in the air.

Meanwhile, while sheltering, take care of your mental health by being more aware of your positive thoughts vs. negative ones, overall water consumption, getting enough sleep, walking outdoors to get fresh air and physical movement. Be careful not to over indulge, in both food and drink, as is so easy to do, especially when home.

Human touch is critical to our survival. We in the massage industry, and those who receive regular massage therapy, understand how important massage is to our mental well being. We are eager to re-open very soon, in a newly renovated studio, and do what we do best for you.

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