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Holistic self awareness

Holistic self awareness

Anita S.

This very unusual period of time has impacted every single person. We have all had to adjust our lives to be able to function in a world which we have never had to live in before. This unknown and uncertain time has lead to tremendous mental and physical stress, which in turn, can lead to chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

To maintain our well-being, it is critical that we practice self-care. By performing physical activity, by challenging our mind and engaging it to think, and by being aware of our emotional and spiritual sides by practicing meditation, volunteering, or releasing anger through non violent methods over what we cannot control, we are taking care of ourselves.

The mind and the body are powerful allies. How we think can affect how we feel. And conversely, how we feel can affect our thinking. This powerful connection is the reason why having a well-rounded approach to self-care is so important. Our lives depend on it.

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