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Gratitude for our blessings

Gratitude for our blessings

Anita S.

Although this Thanksgiving will be unlike the normal, traditional holiday that we are used to, the significance of the holiday remains the same. As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving during a challenging, unprecedented and stressful year, we must consider that there is much to be grateful for, especially this year.

Writing down our blessings brings clarity to them and their immense value to us. For most, it is family, health, home, friendships.....the list is endless.

For our team at Elements Woodridge, of course we are grateful for all of the above, and more. For certain, we are grateful that our doors are open during this time, and that we are able to provide comfort to those who come to us. We realize that this is a blessing and, as a result, our sense of purpose is stronger than ever before.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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