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Woodgrove Festival

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Anita S.

There are people who seem to have an abundance of blessings to be grateful for: Good health; Good family; Unconditional love; Faith; Positive and supportive relationships; Solid friends; Good jobs; Education; Steady income; Prosperity; Nice home; Peaceful community; the list goes on. But people are not always aware of their blessings, or good fortune, and may or may not feel deep gratitude for them; they take them for granted.

And yet there are many people who don't have so many blessings, but still live an abundant and joyful life, due to their positive attitude and deep appreciation for the blessings they do have. These people may have survived a catastrophe and are grateful to be alive. Or, that they suffered a huge tragedy and came out ahead. Some event came along in their life that made them see clearly what was really important to them, and for what they had a deep gratitude.

Reflect on the blessings you have and write them down. When life gets tough, or throws a curve ball at you, as is inevitable, the written blessings will serve as a reminder of what is really important.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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