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Woodgrove Festival

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1001 W 75th St
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Woodridge, IL 60517

Mon - Fri 9am - 9pm
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Fresh Start

Fresh Start

Anita S.

A fresh approach beckons, with warmer temperatures, and greener surroundings. A much needed change of season brings us new opportunities, not only to explore the outdoors, but also to explore and broaden our minds. Growth of the human mind is critical in moving forward together as a society. Opening our thinking allows us to be accepting of perspectives which we may not have been open to previously.

Being self aware, and realizing our shortcomings is a starting point to creating a new outlook. Being healthy in our own mind can bring about a huge difference in our life. Getting to a healthy mind involves taking care of ourselves first, by practicing the following:

- Daily movement, or exercise;

- Hydration;

- Plenty of sleep;

- Healthy foods;

- Not allowing negative thoughts/energy into our space;

- Programming ourselves to think positive thoughts, and erase judgment.

These are just a few methods of getting ourselves into a better frame of mind, which in turn, allows us to broaden our horizon.

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