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Downtime: A priority!

Downtime: A priority!

Anita S.

Now that summer is nearing its final days, we begin to see a normalcy to our days. As much as we love summer, it throws us off balance. Kids are home, family visits/vacations are planned, the routine that we know throughout the rest of the year is gone.

So, as much as we don't want summer to be over, it is comforting to get back into a "normal" routine. The normal routine may mean some downtime for us during the day. Downtime is much needed time for us to decompress from the rest of our busy life/routine. We live in an over-scheduled, sometimes overwhelming, world, always trying to get in one more thing in our day before rushing out the door.

It is perfectly healthy for us to decompress by resting, even for a few minutes. Productivity, problem-solving, attention - all are improved when we have time to rest. These little breaks can produce some big breakthroughs in our thinking, and ultimately, in our lives. Rest needs to be given a priority. Rejuvenation of our spirit, mind, body and soul, all happen when we give ourselves the opportunity to rest.

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