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De-clutter your life, de-clutter your mind

De-clutter your life, de-clutter your mind

Anita S.

We are living in a time in which accumulating stuff is easily accessible and relatively cheap, through various online sites and special delivery deals. Because of this access, we are being conditioned to feel immediate gratification through acquiring objects, many of which we don't even need. In fact, we are so busy acquiring, that we rarely consider the true cost to us; that is, the valuable time we spend during the process, and then, the burden of storing and maintaining stuff in our living space. This certainly has detrimental effects on society.

Society somehow trains us to regard the ownership of numerous things as a sign of success. We are supposed to believe that more possessions bring more happiness in our lives. However, this has an adverse effect on us; by constantly and continuously acquiring more stuff, we create clutter and disorganization in our lives, which may lead to negatively impacting our mental health, our mood, our personal relationships, and our thought processes. This clutter of possessions may also contribute to feelings of an imbalance in our life, and feelings of being overwhelmed, resulting in stress.

As we transition to a new phase in the year, as our summer routines come to closure, and the kids get back to school, take note of which areas of your life may need unburdening. Start with a simple area of your space where you encounter constant friction - perhaps a particular drawer which is overstuffed with items, and won't close. Or an area of your space which is too tight to allow freedom of movement. Question whether you really need all the items which are taking up space. De-clutter and clear the space. At the same time, don't accumulate more items. You will be surprised at how a small shift in our space opens up a path to clarity in our mind. These small changes lead to larger changes in our lives, and ultimately, a gaining of a broader perspective and new insights.

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