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Commit to doing less and gaining more

Commit to doing less and gaining more

Anita S.

The art of releasing stresses from our lives begins with letting go. Reducing some activities from an overfull schedule eliminates the need to constantly be somewhere, or, to be doing something. Constant movement brings on stressors. So, at the beginning of this brand New Year, make a commitment to ease life's burdens by doing less, and instead, focusing on doing more for yourself by committing to:

-Learning to meditate; meditation allows both the mind and the body to rest;

-Being present and practicing being mindful in the moment, and not being easily distracted by technology and alerts, or other interruptions;

-Judging less; we live in a society which, due to social media, has become highly critical and judgmental; make an effort to be less critical, and to get rid of negative thoughts when they pop into your mind;

-Binging, or eating less; practicing mindful eating may result in healthier food choices, and, also in eating only when the need arises. This can lead to losing weight;

-Scrolling less on your phone; commit to putting your phone away when you are spending time with another person, and give them your full attention; there is no need to be checking phones every single moment;

-Fighting/arguing less; not interacting/engaging with those around you who create havoc and drama; in fact, maybe it's time to release these people out of your life;

BREATHE and leave old grudges behind and move forward in the New Year.

By committing to even a few of the above, a positive transformation will begin, resulting in the strengthening of your mind, soul, and spirit, and easing some of life's burdens.

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