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Choose to "re-path"

Choose to "re-path"

Anita S.

When we set a path in life, and then face insurmountable obstacles, it is often difficult to "re-path". That is, re direct ourselves onto a new path in life.

Life happens to everybody. That is a given. Nobody's life is a bed of roses, although it may look so from the exterior. It is so important, especially when facing traumatic circumstances, to take some time to find our balance. Reconnect with nature. Taking long walks by yourself will allow you to feel and accept aloneness, responsibility and acceptance, of the traumatic situation. Feeling the distance between sky and earth, and putting one foot in front of the other, will build inner strength to continue moving forward. Solitude and nature are healers for the soul.

Others are able to move forward by the support of their inner circle. Having a few people to reach out to in times of distress, to vent and to express emotions, provides a warm blanket of comfort.

There is no one path for healing, and also for finding the ability to move forward. What is important is how we choose to heal, and then making an effort to "re-path" our lives.

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