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Bravo, Mother

Bravo, Mother

Anita S.

Today, there are more single mothers raising children on their own than ever before. One research study shows that about 21% of children are currently living in homes with a single mother, as opposed to about 12% in 1968. Raising a child today is more complex than previous generations, partly due to readily available social media outlets, which make it very easy for predators and others to influence and sway developing young minds. Therefore, single mothers of today are facing an entirely different set of challenges, which require extra perseverance, vigilance, and strength on their part.

The power bestowed upon mothers is a supernatural one. Mothers are granted the ability to love their offspring unconditionally from the very first day they meet each other. This natural love is what nurtures, sustains and supports the child into becoming a decent human being, someone who is able to advance healthily into adulthood, and to make positive contributions to society.

Bravo to all mothers, for all your positive contributions in raising your child into a good adult, but a special loud shout out, to all the single mothers!

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