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Be Good To Yourself

Be Good To Yourself

Anita S.

At our Elements Massage national conference this year, we learned that the medical industry is increasingly recommending massage for pain management, relief from conditions such as anxiety and depression, and for relaxation. Those who receive regular therapeutic massage sessions recognize the benefits on their mental and physical health; for some people, it is a necessity, and something which is incorporated in their lifestyle. For those people who consider massage a luxury, perhaps researching the benefits, and experiencing regular massage sessions will prove that it does impact your overall well-being in a positive manner.

So, why is it that it has become necessary to devote a day to relaxation? National Relaxation Day is celebrated in August. This day brings attention to the act of relaxation, and how important it is for our health. It seems odd that a day be dedicated to this. Are our lives so crazy busy that we forgot that we are human beings, in charge of our own health? We should be doing something to relax every day. Our busy lives have become so scheduled with activities, responsibilities, work, taking care of others, and of course, the temptation of our devices.

Relaxation, or, taking care of ourselves, allows us the strength, tenacity, and endurance to take care of those close to us, those who depend on us. Taking some time to unwind is critical to our mental, psychological and physical health. We all have our unique ways to relax, whether it's by reading a book, savoring a cup of coffee, gardening, or, receiving a massage. A therapeutic massage is one of the most popular ways to relax, and, it is a completely non-invasive method to release the stresses of life.

Were more people taking the time to relax, perhaps we would have more tolerance and acceptance of others?

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