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A tribute to Fathers

A tribute to Fathers

Anita S.

If you have been granted the opportunity to have a strong, devoted and loving father, or a father figure, in your life, then you have truly been blessed. From early childhood, a father protects us when we are afraid; for many of us, this protection is there into adulthood.

A father can lead sons into becoming men of integrity and honor, and daughters into women who believe they can achieve whatever they want. A father can teach us the difference between right and wrong from an early age, influence our ability to make better choices, and be a cheerleader through every challenge. A father can provide an unshakeable foundation of strength, discipline, and support throughout our life.

This month, as you celebrate the father in your life, honor him for all his hard work. A good father may have made many sacrifices to raise and support you; make an effort to do something for him that he will truly love. That may involve you having to make some sacrifices; but this is part of the circle of life, and it is expected.

Happy Father's day to all fathers!

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