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World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day

This week, we’re taking things international. Rather than discussing an important nationally observed day, we would like to shed light on an important day observed globally: World Kindness Day.

World Kindness Day annually falls on November 13th and is celebrate and observed throughout many countries around the world. It was first enacted in 1998 during the World Kindness Movement. Each year, more and more countries have started observing World Kindness Day. Since 1998, countries such as Canada, Australia, Japan, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Italy, and the United Kingdom have jumped on board.

Each area around the world has different ways of celebrating this day. In Australia, some events include « a big hug », handing out kindness cards and compliments, and more. The residents of Singapore went around and handed out 45,000 yellow roses to people; and a global flashmob even took place in 15 countries and 33 different cities, including New York City. The day is meant to highlight the good deeds of people and communities and also help motivate people to increase their daily good deeds as well. World Kindness Day wants to focus on the positive power of kindness and how it is a crucial part of the human condition, bridging the differences of race, religion, politics, gender, and even zip codes.

With the rapid growth and popularity of World Kindness Day, the United Nations has even begun to take action to have this day recognized and endorsed but an official Declaration of Support.

There are plenty of ways you can observe World Kindness day as well. Kindness cards are a big part of the day throughout the world. It is an ongoing activity that promotes kindness or asks for acts of kindness to be done. Whether you are handing out a card with a compliment or telling someone to hand out a compliment themselves, it is a great way to promote positive energy. Also, random acts of kindness are a perfect way to celebrate. Pay for a stranger’s coffee next time you are at the cafe, leave a positive note on someone’s car, tell someone they look nice as you walk by them, send someone flowers, and the list goes on. You could buy lemonade from a local stand, pick up a piece of trash you see on the ground, or leave a more than generous tip at a restaurant. You can partake in random acts of kindness throughout your community, to your friends, to strangers, or even to the environment. The possibilities are endless.

Other ideas are taking supplies to an animal shelter or a homeless shelter, calling someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile, give someone praise for something they did well, and also be kind to yourself. While you are giving kindness away, make sure you are treating yourself nicely as well. Being kind to yourself will help you be kind to others. No matter how you decide to spend World Kindness Day, we will be celebrating with you. If you decide to give the gift of massage for your act of kindness, remember that Elements Massage Whitefish Bay will be holding their November sale from November 20th-27th. You can also visit our pre-sale link here:

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