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Sports Massage and Reaching Top Athletic Ability

Sports Massage and Reaching Top Athletic Ability

Some of the main reasons people regularly invest in massage therapy is to help with relaxation and muscle tension or tightness. For those who are athletes or consistently active, sore and tight muscles definitely is probably your number one excuse. For people who are active, getting a sports massage is definitely the path you want to take.

Sports massages have been proven to reduce muscle tension, promote relaxation, reduce uncontrolled muscle spasms (hypertonicity), increase range of motion, improve soft tissue function, support injury recovery and prevention, decrease stiffness and fatigue of the muscles, decrease and prevent muscle soreness, reduce swelling, reduce breathing pattern disorders, and even improve overall exercise performance. And the list goes on. The physiological and psychological rewards of a sports massage undeniably outstanding for anyone looking to manage their pain or increase their athletic ability. With the numerous research studies coming to the same positive results and conclusions, there is no reason to not experience the benefits for yourself. Whether you are an athlete, a runner, or weightlifter, any active person can highly profit from this therapy.

Science aside, athlete testimonials of their experience and performance post-massage, could convince you enough. Runners training for marathons stated that their regular therapy and focus on muscles helped them run personal records and reach the finish line injury free. This was especially true for clients who had busy work schedules and families, therefore unable to focus all their time on training, so they made sure their body had the care it needed before such strenuous races. Professional athletes have even had quicker recovery times and shorter rehabs due to consistent sports massage therapy. Even in the National Football League, sports massages are worked into a player’s training schedule, and a team massage therapist is always on hand in case someone needs another one. The number of injured players due to muscle pulls, strains, and tears has also drastically gone down with the increase and newfound commonality of sports massages.

At Elements Massage we offer 6 amazingly qualified sports massage therapists. Nicole, PJ, Sharissa, Bob, Mario, and Charles can help you be the best athlete yet through their practices. Especially now that the weather is improving and running outside is a popular summer activity, make sure you can go the extra mile. Why not reduce your stress and increase your athletic ability at the same time? Starting a healthy wellness routine for your body now will only help you feel better in the long run and help you achieve any fitness goals you may have.

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