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National Running and Fitness Week: A Special Promotion + Tips to Improve Your Run!

National Running and Fitness Week: A Special Promotion + Tips to Improve Your Run!

Happy National Running and Fitness Week! We are so excited to offer a collaborative promotion with Performance Running Outfitters in their store this week to celebrate! Elements customers can receive $10 off purchases of $100+, and $15 off purchases of $150+ Stop in the Performance Running Outfitters store, located at 4533 N Oakland Ave in Shorewood to redeem this deal.

In the meantime... here are a few ideas to improve your run this week, and going forward:

  1. Run Tall - Imagine a thread attached to your head pulling you up and forcing your posture to be strong and tall while you run. A strong posture and a slight lean forward will prevent any pressure on the hips.
  2. Don't Take Too Big of Strides - Taking long strides actually asks your body to exert more effort than necessary. Landing on your heels will slow you down, so aim to have the middle of your foot strike the ground only slightly in front of your body instead of leaps forward.
  3. Add in Short Speed Bursts - Whether you're trying to cut down your time on a distance or just finish a longer run quicker out of boredom, acclimating your body to short bursts of running at higher speeds can accomplish both goals. Even doing half a block at a quicker pace can go a long way in shaping both speed and stamina.
  4. Invest in New Shoes - Around 300-500 miles in your shoes means it's time for a new pair. Check out Performance Running Outfitters for a great selection!
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