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National Relaxation Day

National Relaxation Day

One of the biggest reasons people seek out massages is for overall relaxation. The world we live in today is so busy and hectic and sometimes we are running in 5 million directions. Because of this, we push through the pain and the tightness; and sometimes, we just get use to it in the end. But now it is time to slow down and give your body the love and attention it needs before it goes back to the regular chaotic routine.

August 15th is National Relaxation Day. This is a day, or “holiday” rather, that everyone should participate in. Even if you don’t have the time for a massage on that particular day, take the time to schedule one. Not only will your session help you take a breath and relax, but your body will continue to thank you for hours, days, and weeks after that short time you laid on our table. Massages have been proven to encourage relaxation and improve performance. Even if you’re not getting a massage to help ease your muscles for athletic purposes, you can find that your daily activities will become easier and breezier.

Because one of our main missions is to help improve your daily life with relaxation and stress reducing practices, there is no way we could pass up celebrating this tremendous day. This holiday is a perfect time to gift yourself or someone else the relaxing gift of a massage (or five).

As a company that provides relaxation for a career, we figured we would help make sure anyone and everyone can enjoy and benefit from our practices. We have decided to offer a special promotion through Elements Massage Whitefish Bay. Because National Relaxation Day falls in the month of August, we are offering you $125 to become a part of our monthly Wellness Program.

The Elements Massage Wellness Program is an easy way to make sure you get the regular massage therapy you need. The program is a monthly payment for one massage session, while saving you $30 and providing you with other benefits. Some of these benefits include $10 off any additional massage appointments, exclusive member only specials, you can buy gift cards at discounted member rates, unused sessions will rollover for up to 12 months, and you can also share your membership with one other person. Similarly, this is a month-by-month program, therefore there are no contracts included and you can be a member when it is most convenient for you.

Now, when you become a member in the month of August, Elements Massage will give you $125 worth of upgrades. This can include hot stones, cold stones, Himalayan salt stones, aromatherapy, and more to your sessions to make it an even more personalized and beneficial massage session.

Treat your body right and celebrate National Relaxation Day by becoming a member of our consistently relaxing environment. And don’t forget, you can add someone onto your membership and spread the gift of relaxation to someone else as well. See you soon!

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