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Massage Benefits for Runners: How to Incorporate Massage into Your Training

Massage Benefits for Runners: How to Incorporate Massage into Your Training

Anastasia White

The weather is getting warmer and all of the Milwaukee area races are starting! Did you know that massage can be an integral part of your training regimen?

The benefits of massage for runners include increased blood circulation, decreased muscle soreness and fatigue, and injury prevention. There are different massage modalities you can incorporate into your training to maximize performance and take care of your body.

Swedish massage is a massage technique that uses long, flowing strokes that can be light or deep in pressure . Swedish massage is normally the foundation for all massages and helps with increased blood circulation. How does this benefit your training? Increased blood circulation causes oxygenated blood to reach tired muscles aiding in recovery time.

Trigger point therapy is a massage technique that focuses on knots in our muscles to smooth them out. Typically knots can cause us muscle pain so applying firm pressure to these areas to loosen them provides pain relief. If you have any muscle soreness from your training, trigger point therapy is the modality to ask for.

Deep tissue massage is a technique to help with injury prevention. Not to be confused with a deep pressure massage, deep tissue massage works into the deep layers of the muscle not necessarily applying a deep pressure. Deep tissue is typically site specific like trigger point but works the entire muscle versus only the knots. If we keep our muscles loose with deep tissue massage injury is less likely to happen when we work to strengthen them.

Here at Elements we also offer Sports Massage, which is beneficial within 48 hours of an event. Thom is one of our sports massage therapists and describes this modality as, “…a grouping and pacing of techniques that are designed to optimize either performance or recovery for an athlete. This includes increasing circulation, warming and loosening the joints, and flushing metabolites and other waste from exercise out of the muscle tissue and into the bloodstream where your body may remove it."

Now the question becomes when is the best time to get a massage. To get one massage before or after a race does not reap the same benefits as including massage regularly into your training regimen. We highly recommend monthly massage for runners to maintain overall body wellness. Ask about our monthly massage program to take advantage of priority booking, special offers, and more.

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