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Happy Father's Day! Celebrate with the SUMMER 3-PACK SALE!

Happy Father's Day! Celebrate with the SUMMER 3-PACK SALE!

With Father’s Day fast approaching and the daunting task of finding the perfect gift continues to loom, Elements Massage is here to help and offer their serves at great discounts and rates.

Just in time, Elements Massage is bringing back their 3 Pack Sale for the summer. It is the perfect way to make sure the father in your family (and maybe even you) is stocked up on massages for a perfect relaxing and wellness-filled summer. You can now buy three 1 hour massages for $225 ($75 per massage), three 90 minute massages for $290 ($96.67 per massage), or $375 for three 2 hour massages ($125 each). This amazing deal is running from June 1st to June 30th and sessions will not expire until 12 months after they are purchased. Also, the massages you buy can be shared with anyone and given as gifts for Father’s Day, birthdays, graduations, weddings, and more.

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While the summer 3 pack sale is a perfect way to give the gift of wellness and relaxation, there are many other ways to spend a healthy father’s day and summer 2017...

With the weather warming up, Father’s Day would be a perfect time to take a long walk around the neighborhood or drive downtown and walk along the beautiful lakefront path. Following a relaxing walk, stop at a coffee shop and enjoy the weather and treat yourself to some healthy snacks or drinks.

If the weather unfortunately does not pan out, take your dad to a yoga class for the day. While it may not be his initial thought of a relaxing day, the post-yoga feelings are always worth it. However, if he does refuse to go to Yoga, try taking him to the gym or perform any small activity to keep the body moving.

Also, eating out is a typical Father’s Day activity. Why make dad cook on his special day? Obviously he shouldn’t, but maybe instead of making reservations at your favorite restaurant and indulging in a burger and french fries, make a nice homemade meal for your dad. Even if he really insists on cheeseburgers, try whipping up a healthier version at home.

Combining some fun or light activity, healthier eating choices, and your 3 summer massages, you can come out of this summer feeling better than ever. Summer is a perfect time to start building consistent healthy habits, and Elements is hear to help you.

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