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Family Health and Fitness Day

Family Health and Fitness Day

As the busy summer season has come to and end and the kids are back in school and colder weather approaches, it becomes harder to keep up your physical activity. Thankfully Family Health and Fitness Day, which falls on the last Saturday of September, is a great way to stay active and find new ways to do so as well. It also encourages families to embrace physical activity and fitness together and have fun with it, rather than needing to go to the gym.

There are plenty of ways to keep everyone happy and entertained while staying active. From water balloon fights to hikes there is no shortage of options. Some great ones to get in before the weather completely cools off are squirt gun wars, water balloon fights, slip ’n’ slide races, or swimming races/pool games. Other classic ways to keep up fitness levels are kickball, soccer, capture the flag, hikes, scenic walks, making a treasure hunt for the kids, and touch football. These are both small samples of the plethora of activities you can choose from. A great way to keep the kids interested is also letting them think of the ideas. Maybe they’ll choose on from this list or maybe they will think of something you hadn’t.

Elements Massage is a huge supporter of Health and Fitness Day because it helps promote overall wellness, one of our main missions. There are so many times when people think being active requires them going to do the gym or on a run that bores them.

This year get your family together, maybe invite some friends or other families, and celebrate Family Health and Fitness Day. Fill your day with people’s suggested activities, healthy treats, and more. Whether you are with just your family or have friends along as well, try to make it a weekly activity that you do on the weekends. After long weeks of work and school it could be hard to resist the temptation to just sit on the couch and watch TV and let your kids do the same. But if you have a list of activities planned you can just choose one and go do it. Even just a little exercise does wonders for the body and the brain. With benefits such as higher energy, heart health, muscle heath, reducing obesity risk, and more, there are plenty of crucial reasons to participate in physical or fitness activities.

Fitness and exercise doesn’t have to be boring or a chore, it can be a fun group activity that just happens to come with many health benefits. What are some ways you would want to celebrate Health and Fitness Day with your family? Share them with us when you come in for your next massage - we love to hear how you stay healthy!

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