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312 E Silver Spring Dr
Whitefish Bay, WI 53217

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm
Same Day Appointments Available

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Words of Wellness

De-Stress for Less this March with 50% off all Upgrades!

De-Stress for Less this March with 50% off all Upgrades!

Do you have any aches and pains that just won’t go away? Maybe you’re body is just itching for a change? Or possibly you just want to try something new? Whether you are a regular massage goer or not, changing up your type of massage therapy can be highly beneficial for the mind, body, and soul.

Elements Massage offers several different massage services, making sure there is a perfect massage therapy for everyone. Between aromatherapy, integrative reflexology, hot stone, cold stone, and Himalayan salt stones, you can find the best type of therapy for your body and your specific concerns. If you’ve ever been interested in trying one of these upgrades, March is going to be the perfect time to do so. For the entire month, all massage upgrades are 50% off! This gives you the perfect incentive to finally try that new type of massage you’ve been dying to experience. However, if you haven’t thought about changing up your massage services, we are going to lay out each upgrade and their benefits so you can see which is best for you.


When you choose to add aromatherapy to your session, you also choose which oil you wish to experience. Elements Massage offers four different oils so that you can find the perfect one for you. Between lavender, eucalyptus, radiance, and vitality, you are bound to have the most relaxing and revitalizing massage yet. Each aroma has different benefits.

Lavender: this floral scent is perfect for someone who wants an overall relaxing session that will improve their mood and promote a deep sleep.

Eucalyptus: you will want this sharp herbal scent if you want something that will be stimulating and purifying for your senses, promoting a more clear and focused mind.

Radiance: if you search a blend of energizing and uplifting oils, this sweet and citrusy scent is your perfect match

Vitality: Similar to lavender, this light floral scent is a blend of oils meant to help improve your mood and calm your senses.

Integrative Reflexology

The main focus of integrative reflexology is to help ease muscular tension and improve circulation while creating a relaxing and therapeutic session. It is different from traditional reflexology, an alternative medicine applied without lotion or oils that focuses on intricate application of pressure points to feet, hands, and ears, with specific finger techniques.

Integrative reflexology is specifically designed for massage therapists during a 60 or 90 minute session. This type of massage therapy has been found to reduce stress and anxiety, ease muscular tension, reduce swelling (from injury or lymphatic build up), and improve overall bodily functions such as: respiration, circulation, sleep, digestion, and cognition. Additionally, many reports have found that it helps clear and drain sinuses. Another great aspect of integrative reflexology is that it is kid friendly and can help boost immune function and digestion, which also minimizing the symptoms of ADHD.

Many people have found integrative reflexology to be the perfect type of massage for them. Not only does it leave you calm, relaxed, and rejuvenated, but it can also help address specific concerns you may have with your body.

Hot Stones

Hot stone massage are meant to relax and ease tense muscles as well as soft tissues throughout your body. The smooth, flat, heated stones are placed in specific areas all over your body depending on your needs or concerns. These areas can include your spine, stomach, chest, face, palms, feet, and toes. The traditional hot stones are made of basalt, a material that retains heat. The stones can also be used with regular Swedish massage techniques such as long strokes, kneading, or circular movements.

One of the main benefits of hot stone massage therapy is decreasing overall muscle tension and pain. The stones can help increase blood flow and circulation in certain areas and can reduce muscle spasms and increase flexibility. Additionally, heated therapies are good for reducing stress and anxiety in the same way a traditional massage can. Hot stones can also promote sleep and also encourage a more restorative sleep.

Additionally, it can help decrease symptoms of autoimmune diseases. It has been found that hot stone therapy aids in relieving painful conditions such as fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. Studies were conducted on patients with these conditions and results found immense improvements in pain relief, movement, trigger points, and grip strength. In addition to assisting with autoimmune diseases, it can help decrease cancer symptoms. For cancer patients, massage therapy is a big contributor in decreasing fatigue, pain, and anxiety. Overall, hot stone massage therapy also calms your nerves and can stimulate optimum function of your nervous system.

Cold Stones

Cold Stone Massages are ideal for people with injuries—specifically sports injuries—sinus pains, dark under-eye circles, congestion, menstrual cramps, headaches and migraines, and can overall help improve a person’s mood. Due to the cold stone’s ability to reduce swelling, pain and discomfort, accelerate healing, it is the perfect addition to your new wellness routine.

Specifically, they can be beneficial for people who regularly suffer from migraines. Anyone who has endured the pain of a migraine knows that it is not your regular headache. After countless pain-killers, sitting in the dark, and cooling packs, the pulsating tension does not go away. However, with the cooling stones, migraines can be gone in under an hour.

Many studies have been conducted on the overall benefits of cold stone massage. In conclusion, these studies showed that the practice of regular cold stone massages reduces the occurrences of headaches and migraines, improves quality of sleep and mood, and aids in the reduction of stress and anxiety levels.

Himalayan Salt Stones

This technique uses warm salt stones to help the body’s overall function. These stones are taken from the Himalayan mountains and hand carved into massage stones to help you de-stress, reduce pain and tension, and help you relax. Many of the benefits of Hot Stone massage therapy and Heated Himalayan Salt Stone therapy are very similar or even the same. In addition to providing a relaxing session, it can help improve sleep, nervous system disorders, autoimmune disorders, reduce inflammation and pain, and also improve an overall sense of well being

Himalayan Salt Stones provide a gentle exfoliation that regular hot stones do not. This will leave your skin feeling smooth as ever after your session. Also, Himalayan Salt Stones and their 84 naturally occurring minerals give off negative ions; this means that it greatly aids in the reduction of inflammation. Inflammation occurs when there are too many positive ions in the body, and by providing your body with negative ions through the salt stones, you can rid your body of inflammation and toxins.

Have you experienced any of these services before? Let us know your favorite! If you haven’t had the time to take part in one of these massage therapies, make sure to take advantage of this amazing offer throughout the month of March. Call our studio or go online to make an appointment and redeem this offer online. It is an offer for everyone!

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