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Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

Some Earth Day tips: Encourage your children to walk or bike to school; bring a reusable bag to the grocery store; switch to toilet paper made from recycled paper (Earth Friendly is my favorite); switch to a non-petroleum based laundry soap (one school science fair project showed Ecos brand worked be...tter than Tide & Era); eat veggies in season and grown locally (check out your local farmers market-also encourage your local grocer to carry locally grown produce); recycle at home and at the office; buy products that use less packaging and use recycled paper, etc. in their pacakging; buy electronics from companies that recycle used electronics or their own product when you are done with it; hang your clothes on a clothes line or drying rack (even one load a week can make a big difference in energy consumption; AND go outside and soak in Earth's wonders. Take some time today to give thanks for the all that the earth gives us and for the beauties of spring. Happy Earth Day from all of us at elements :)

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