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312 E Silver Spring Dr
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Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm
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Words of Wellness

31 Tips for National Nutrition Month

31 Tips for National Nutrition Month

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? National Nutrition Month is an annual campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to educate and encourage healthy eating and physical activity habits. There is so much more to a healthy lifestyle than eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables, although those are important factors. This month, try to focus on your body: what does it want, what does it need, and how can you fill it in the most nutritious way possible? How can you treat your body nutritiously? Whether you aim to eat more meals at home, add in some extra steps during the day, or reduce stress by treating yourself to a massage this month, there are so many ways you can participate in National Nutrition Month and find yourself inspired to fulfill nutritional goals.

Because there are 31 days in March, below are 31 ideas to make the most of National Nutrition Month. Try to do one of these a day, or maybe pick a few to focus on throughout the month:

  1. Try a new workout class

  2. Treat yourself to a massage or facial

  3. Get 3 servings of vegetables in one day

  4. Try a new vegetable, or try cooking your favorite vegetable in a different way

  5. Go meatless one day of the week

  6. Drink 8 full glasses of water per day

  7. Work out with a friend

  8. Swap coffee for a cup of green tea in the morning

  9. Choose fruit over dessert

  10. Make a “healthy” dessert by swapping out butter for avocados, or eggs for applesauce.

  11. Pick dark chocolate before milk chocolate

  12. Meditate for 5 minutes

  13. Choose the stairs, skip the elevator

  14. Go to a yoga class

  15. Get 8 hours of sleep

  16. Reflect on your day

  17. Start a journal

  18. Volunteer

  19. Take a walk after dinner

  20. Spend a day without your phone

  21. Read a book

  22. Make a smoothie, or try making your own green juice

  23. Give someone a compliment

  24. Surprise a friend with something small

  25. Make time for breakfast

  26. Try standing at your desk instead of sitting for 20 minutes

  27. Play a sport with your family

  28. Declutter a drawer, cabinet, or closet in your house

  29. ...and make a donation!

  30. Set a new goal

  31. Make time for yourself!

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