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3 Mentality Tricks to Maintain a New Year’s Resolution

3 Mentality Tricks to Maintain a New Year’s Resolution

As we head into the second month of the new year, the initial motivation to shed a few pounds or get into a daily running routine begins to fade, for all of us, at least at little bit. Whether we like to admit it or not, the January confidence in ourselves that said, “I can do anything. I don’t even like chocolate!” somehow gets replaced with, “It’s really not that bad, dark chocolate is good for my heart and I need a square.” For the record, dark chocolate is healthy, and you should treat yourself every once in a while.

However, there are so many easy ways to revamp your motivation and get back on track with your goals without any extra sacrifices, effort, or time spent meal planning and exercising. After all, being healthy and fit is a lifestyle, and any lifestyle that is truly healthy requires balance. A big part of achieving goals and resolutions that are health and fitness based is pure mentality.

Here's how to get into the right mindset to make 2017 a year to be proud of:

1. Wake up everyday and remind yourself why you started | Seeing results doesn’t happen overnight, or even after one week. Feeling confident and feeling like your healthiest is so incredibly rewarding, and reminding yourself each day why you started brings you back to those moments when you set your goals and why you set them. Basically, resetting your mind to the focus it had at the beginning of 2017 is refreshing and suggests motivation to achieve what you have been hoping to achieve.

2. Be determined to make each day count | As mentioned, health and fitness don’t come overnight. But, accomplishing a little goal each day definitely leads you in the best direction. When you wake up each morning, tell yourself one thing you want to achieve that day, and work towards it all day long. Having a daily goal that accumulates into the grand resolution for the year makes you stay on track, and leaves you going to bed each night proud and accomplished.

3. Write down what makes you upset | So maybe you have a habit of going back for more ice cream every night and you’re trying to kick it. Or, maybe you have a habit of hitting the mile mark and letting yourself quit early on a run. No matter what it might be, when you do something that makes you want to be your own enemy, or hinders your resolution, write down what you did and why it bothers you. Next time you have the same temptations, go and read what made you upset before you act. This way, the action of the temptation will be such a turn-off that you’ll be determined to do better!

Good luck with your New Year’s resolutions and happy New Year!

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