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10 Reasons Why Mom Needs a Massage

Anastasia White May 2, 2016

It’s time to start thinking about how we will thank the moms in our lives this Mother’s Day coming up on May 8th. Here at Elements Massage - Whitefish Bay we are offering an amazing deal on packages! Here are 10 reasons why a 3-pack of massages makes the perfect Mother's Day gift.

1. Stress relief: Treat mom to a stress relieving massage to calm her down and enjoy her day.

2. Pain relief: Let mom experience the healing hands of a massage therapist to treat those aching muscles.

3. Time-out: Sometimes moms just need a break and a massage could be the perfect way to get mom to unwind.

4. “Me” time: Treat mom to a 1-hour or 90-min “vacation” so she can escape and relax.

5. Prenatal massage: Prenatal massage has its own benefits including improved range of motion, better sleep, and any muscle tension relief.

6. It’s healthy: Massage helps boost our immune system and also increases blood circulation to keep mom up and healthy.

7. Improves sleep: Massage improves quality of sleep by boosting serotonin, lowering stress, and reducing pain. We all know a well-rested mom is a happy mom!

8. Releases endorphins: This leaves mom feeling happy and relaxed.

9. Increases energy levels: Massage can help boost mom’s energy to tackle day-to-day activities by increasing circulation and our oxygen levels.

10. She just plain deserves it!

Here is the link to purchase a singe gift card or our Summer 3-Pack offer. Please call the studio if you have any questions (414) 332-3260 our hours are Monday - Saturday, 9am - 9pm; Sunday 9am - 7pm.


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