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10 Tips to Enrich Your Life

10 Tips to Enrich Your Life

We all feel stress from time to time, and many of our lifestyle habits don't support us in our journey along a healthier path. Here are 10 lifestyle changes that will help you become more relaxed and increase your overall feeling of well-being. 

  1. Have a power breakfast
  2. Avoid fruit lunches
  3. Take three deep breaths before you eat to increase your body's supply of oxygen, relax, and help you digest your food
  4. Cut back on coffee, tea, and cola drinks
  5. Watch for the mid-afternoon "slump" 
  6. Prioritize your tasks
  7. Designate the end of work time and the beginning of personal time by performing a ritual
  8. Do something relaxing every day
  9. Exercise daily so it becomes a healthy habit
  10. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day

Adapted from 

10 Tips to Enrich Your Life
Easy Options to Enhance Well-Being

By Jacqueline Sidman


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