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Stefanie, LMT | Specializing in Reflexology, Sports Massage/Stretching, and Gua Sha

Where did you study?  Florida College of Natural Health

When did you graduate?  1996

What do you like most about massage?  Everybody can experience a positive therapeutic response due to so many different modalities.

What are your favorite modalities / specialties? Reflexology, Sports Massage/Stretching, and Gua Sha

Why do you feel those modalities / specialties are effective?  

Reflexology: Reflex points on the hands, feet, and ears correspond to specific points that affect the entire body.

Sports/Stretching: Removes lactic acid, helping with recovery, prepares the body to have ideal performances and creates space and length in the joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles

Gua Sha: Draws stagnant blood  to the surface to allow fresh oxygenated blood to circulate throughout the body.

Anything special you'd like to share about yourself?  In my spare time I love hiking, yoga, and being creative with mix media arts.

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