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In accordance with the new restrictions effective Tuesday, November 17, we remain open on our normal schedule.  No changes were made to our industry as massage therapy has not been shown to be a vector for spreading the virus.


We continue to follow our careful protocols.  We thank our clients for wearing masks at all times in our studio, and look forward to helping you manage stress and pain, the Elements Way. 


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How to Take Care of Your Skin This Winter

How to Take Care of Your Skin This Winter

Mackenzie Barrow

Cold winter winds can make our skin feel raw, then indoor heating can steal all the moisture from the air and our skin. This can leave us dry, cracked, flaky, and just plain uncomfortable. Today is National Winter Skin Relief Day. In recognition of this, we’d like to talk about our favorite ways to soothe dry winter skin.

  1. Moisturize - This one might seem obvious. But it’s important to make sure we don’t forget to moisturize often overlooked areas like our feet and hands.
  2. Exfoliate - Exfoliating your skin, can help slough off dead skin cells, allowing moisturizer to deeply penetrate the skin and leave you with longer lasting results.Limit your exfoliation to one to three times a week, and avoid any products that have beads or grains that tear at your skin.
  3. Get a humidifier - Indoor heating dries out the air around us, using a humidifier helps add some of that much needed moisture back.
  4. Limit your use of hot water - It can be super tempting when you’re cold to want to take a nice long hot shower or bath, or wash your hands with very hot water. But using hot water can dry out and irritate our skin even more. Try to use hot water on your skin sparingly and stick to comfortably warm water for the most part.
  5. Avoid skincare products that contain alcohol - Many cleansers and toners contain alcohol that dries out and irritates our skin. Double check the ingredients in the skincare products you use and try to choose ones that are gentle and free of harsh chemicals.

We hope these tips can help your skin stay happy this winter. Make sure that between all the fun events you have planned that you take care of yourself too. You deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin!

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