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Winter Issue Body Sense Magazine

Jan 5, 2017 Health

Dear clients, We want to thank you for your business by sharing this complimentary issue of Body Sense magazine: Body Sense provides valuable information about how to make massage and bodywork a healthy part of your lifestyle. In this issue, we created a flowchart and glossary...

How Massage Can Reduce Cancer Pain and Anxiety [Everyday Health]

Jun 24, 2015 Health

Click here to read the original article Author: Karen Appold Having cancer and receiving treatment for it can be overwhelming, physically and emotionally. But the soothing effects of massage therapy may provide the exact comfort you need — improving sleep, boosting your immune system, and relieving anxiety, stress, tension, pain, and fatigue. A meta-analysis published...

5 Summer Recipes for Healthy Skin

May 26, 2015 Health

Summer is fast approaching, and I am sure you have outdoor fun planned.  Protecting your skin is more important than ever. Sunscreen adds protection from the outside in, but what about the inside out? Did you know that there are certain foods and vitamins that can help protect your skin from the inside out? Here are five recipes that will help provide protection as well...

Benefits of Massage for Men [Men's Health]

May 15, 2015 Health

Reposted from Click here to read the original article. Massages are more than just indulgences. They're proven health and mood treatments. Here's how massage can benefit you: Neck Pain Ten neck massages over 10 weeks. Sound good? People with chronic neck pain reported a 55 percent improvement after this regimen, according to a 2009 study in the...

6 Ways to Incorporate Wellness Into Your Next Trip [Huffington Post]

Apr 10, 2015 Health

By Ed Hewitt, Features Editor of Click to read original article  The expanding concept of "wellness travel" has come to include not only incorporating (or just keeping up with) fitness goals in your travel, but also things like healthy eating habits, learning wholesome cooking methods, slowing down, and participating in other potentially...

Sports Massage: The Whys, the Hows, and the How Often [Portland Monthly Mag]

Mar 13, 2015 Health

Click here to read the original article. Author: Mary Kibbe [ reposted from] Sports massage can speed recovery time, prevent injury, and reduce pain—but is it for everyone? Spring is right around the corner, and in many ways it’s already here. The Magnolia trees are in bloom, Portland has felt the warmth of a seventy-degree...

4 Ways Massage Therapy Benefits Runners []

Feb 13, 2015 Health

Click here to read the original article. Author: Trisha Haws, LMT, LST [Reposted from]   Whether you run for fun, competition or stress relief, here are four ways massage therapy can significantly improve your running potential: 1. Reduced Muscle Pain and Fatigue When you have started a new training program, increased the intensity of your...

How Much Pressure is Too Much Pressure in a Massage? [Portland Monthly Mag]

Feb 6, 2015 Health

Click here to read the original article. Allison Jones [Portland Monthly Mag] That awkward moment on the massage table—your therapist is digging into your shoulder...and it's kind of unbearable. Do you speak up? Do you suck it up to work out the knot? Local massage pro and wellness coach Erica Blair, BSC, CHHC, LMT weighs in on the etiquette of discomfort—and...

How the 80/20 Rule Can Help Improve Your Health and Life [Reblog]

Chris Freytag [Huffington Post] Jan 13, 2015 Health

Click here for original post  Okay, short history lesson -- don't let your eyes glaze over. Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? It's also called the law of the vital few and was originally called The Pareto Principle. It started way back in the early 1900s when Vilfredo Pareto discovered that 80 percent of the land in Italy was owned by 20 percent of the people....

3 Ways to Help Relieve Pain with Massage [Huffington Post]

Chris Freytag (reblog from Huffington Post) Dec 12, 2014 Health

Original blog post "Okay, I've been known to overdo it with my workouts from time to time. Sore and tight muscles go hand-in-hand with active lifestyles. But I'd much rather deal with the problem of relieving sore muscles than the multitude of problems associated with living a sedentary life. Truth be told, recovery from my muscle pain isn't as easy for...

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