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Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm
Sun 10am - 7pm
Elements Massage 1917 S. Signal Butte Rd., Suite #B105
Mesa, AZ   85209
(480) 445-9479 Elements Massage$49 to $99

East Mesa

Just off the US 60 at Signal Butte

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1917 S. Signal Butte Rd.
Suite #B105
Mesa, AZ 85209

Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm
Sun 10am - 7pm

Pip I. | Licensed Massage Therapist

Specialties: Integrative stretching and Sports style

Why I became a massage therapist: I have always been in the public health industry and wanted to help people on a more personal level.

She had been a first responder for the past 13 years but is eager to start healing. She specializes in sports type of massage and incorporates stretching into majority of sessions. She loves to work with her hands and help others! She believes that healing starts from within; a healthy mind is a great foundation.

Rotating schedule.

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