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Elements Massage 1917 S. Signal Butte Rd., Suite #B105
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1917 S. Signal Butte Rd.
Suite #B105
Mesa, AZ 85209

Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm
Sun 10am - 7pm

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Massage for the Hiker

Massage for the Hiker

Elements Massage East Mesa

It may be hot but that doesn’t keep the avid Arizona hiker off of our beautiful trails. With great hiking in the Northern part of the state, there are plenty of day trips to keep you occupied and interested throughout the summer season. After hitting the trails though, there is nothing more rewarding than giving yourself a little TLC and receiving a rejuvenating massage.

At Elements Massage East Mesa, we are committed to delivering a truly therapeutic and customized experience for each customer that visits our studio. After you hit the trail, head to our team. Several areas we’ll focus on if you are a hiker include:

Muscle Aches
One of the most common complaints we hear about from outdoor enthusiasts results from overexerted muscles. General aches and pains are inevitable with most arduous activities and this is particularly true with hiking. The calves, hamstrings, glutes, and knees are a few areas that can act up with the stress of frequent hiking.

Neck and Shoulders
While taking in the beautiful Sonoran desert, your neck and shoulders can bear the brunt of the pain. This is especially true if you carry a back with water (an absolute must in the Arizona elements). With massage, a therapist can address any particular areas of tightness resulting from working out under load.


Whether a rolled ankle or a sprained knee, joint issues have been known to strike on a trail. One excellent way to keep yourself balanced while hiking is to use trekking poles. They are a great tool to keep you upright and on balance and can be helpful when hiking up inclines or downhill.

Hiking impacts your feet and legs the most. It can also do a number on your toes. To mitigate damage, be sure to only hike in supportive and comfortable shoes that fit properly.

Post or pre-hike, massage can give a tune-up to your muscles and help ensure that your body mechanics are on point so you can get out there and do what you love.

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