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Relieving Holiday Stress with Massage

Relieving Holiday Stress with Massage

Elements Massage Denver West

Work deadlines, bills to pay, politics, chauffeuring the kids, the volunteer task you took on – the pace of life can be grueling and sometimes life’s pressures can be overwhelming. And this time of year, we experience extra stressors associated with busy holiday schedules and activities. It’s not surprising that stress affects most adults, but there are steps we can take to alleviate it.

First, a little background. The American Psychological Association reports that, in a recent survey, 75% of adults reported feeling moderate to high levels of stress within the past month and almost half reported an increase in stress over the past year. Other studies yield similar statistics, concluding that, for a high percentage of Americans, chronic stress is a way of life.    

Long-term stress robs us of enjoyment and quality of life. Here are just a few ways it affects our lives:

  • Stress makes us less productive
  • It affects our ability to think clearly and make decisions
  • It puts a strain on relationships
  • It makes us feel a loss of control
  • Stress can contribute to low self-esteem
  • Persistent stress takes a huge toll on health – it can exacerbate almost any health condition and can increase the risk of some serious health issues

But stress doesn’t have to rule your life, ruin your health, drain your energy, and rob you of joy. Regular massage can be a major component of a stress management program. It’s well known that massage – especially Swedish massage – helps alleviate tension and stress. But it also addresses some of the health issues associated with stress.

Studies have shown that massage actually reduces the production of cortisol – the nasty “stress” hormone that creates inflammation and acts as a catalyst for many stress-related health problems. Here are just a few ways massage keeps the stress beast at bay:

  • Massage helps lower heart rate and blood pressure
  • It improves blood flow and therefore the circulation of oxygen throughout the body
  • It can help restore normal digestive system function and improve immune system activity
  • Massage helps remove toxins from the muscles
  • It relieves muscle tension and pain
  • It improves energy, which enables more effective exercise, leading to reduced stress

Making massage a regular part of your health regimen can significantly reduce your stress and allow you to enjoy the upcoming holidays with family and friends. At Elements Massage™ you’ll experience the highest rated massage in the industry. Ask us about our Wellness Program and benefit from regular massage at discounted rates.

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