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Relieving Holiday Stress with Massage

Elements Massage Denver West Nov 10, 2017 Wellness

Studies have shown that massage actually reduces the production of cortisol – the nasty “stress” hormone that creates inflammation and acts as a catalyst for many stress-related health problems. Here are just a few ways massage keeps the stress beast at bay:

Weekend Warrior

Elements Massage Denver West Oct 26, 2017 Wellness

Weekend Warriors – you hit it hard, give it all you’ve got, and may end up aching as a result. Even worse, you may end up with damage. Overuse injuries account for nearly half of all muscle, tendon, ligament, and bone complaints that are seen by healthcare providers. These types of injuries are not typically accident-related, but instead result from repeated stress on muscles, tendons, ligaments or bones.

Himalayan Stone Massage - Ancient Minerals and Innovative Techniques

Elements Massage Denver West Oct 6, 2017 Wellness

More than 300 million years ago, an ancient ocean existed in the region on the current Himalayan Mountains. As the landscape changed the ocean dried up, natural pressure and forces over millions of years created the Himalayan Mountains and left a massive, mineral-rich salt deposit. This salt is unique with a perfect crystalline structure created by the enormous pressure. The mountain range sealed off the salt crystals from civilization’s chemicals and pollutants and kept them pure. Today, Himalayan salt is still mined mostly at the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. These ancient treasures are hand-mined to maintain their purity

Amateur Athletes – Reinforce Your Healthy Routine with Regular Massage

Elements Massage Denver West Sep 27, 2017 Wellness

The recovery benefits of massage are especially significant. Studies have shown that massage therapy may affect inflammation at the cellular level, similar to the effects of anti-inflammatory medications. So not only does regular massage enhance your performance, but it can get you back to your exercise and training program quickly.

Busy Working Moms – Imagine a Massage and Aromatherapy Escape!

Elements Massage Denver West Sep 14, 2017 Our Studio

“Aromatherapy” uses highly concentrated essentials oils that may be applied to skin through massage, lotions or bath salts, or they may be inhaled directly or indirectly. It is understood to provide its benefits by stimulating small receptors in the nose, which communicate though the nervous system with the part of the brain that controls emotions – the limbic system – thus explaining the deep sense of calm its use instills.

Add a New “Element” to Your Massage

Elements Massage Denver West Sep 2, 2017 Our Studio

If massage is already part of your health routine, you might be surprised to learn that there are many ways you can enhance your traditional massage experience by bringing a new “element” to it! Here are a few things to consider adding during future massages:

5 Ways Regular Massage Promotes Wellness

Elements Massage Denver West Aug 24, 2017 Wellness

Historically, massage has been associated with relaxation and pain relief, but it is increasingly becoming associated with wellness. 88% of respondents to a 2016 consumer survey indicated that they consider massage to be beneficial to health and wellness.

Regular Massage Enhances Athletic Performance

Elements Denver West Aug 11, 2017 Wellness

Regular athletic/sports massage can improve performance and conditioning, increase strength and stamina, help maintain peak fitness levels, prevent injury, and speed recovery.

Massage Can Help Manage Your Pain

Elements Massage Denver West Jul 28, 2017 Wellness

Another great benefit of massage, particularly deep tissue massage is that it promotes removal of toxins from the body which are created by metabolic functions such as breathing, digestion, and intense exercise

Optimize the Benefits of Exercise with Massage

Elements Denver West Jul 21, 2017 Wellness

The results of a study conducted by the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and McMaster University of Ontario, indicate that massage therapy reduces inflammation associated with exercise-induced damage to skeletal muscles. It also showed potential benefits for those with inflammatory disease, with evidence that massage therapy may affect inflammation at the cellular level, similar to the effects of anti-inflammatory medications

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