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Optimize the Benefits of Exercise with Massage

Optimize the Benefits of Exercise with Massage

Elements Denver West

Massage therapy can help optimize the benefits of your exercise program whether you’re a weekend sports enthusiast or a professional athlete. You might be surprised to learn how many world-class athletes combine massage therapy with their strength-and-stamina routines.

Regardless of your fitness level, massage can help enhance performance, improve conditioning, prevent injury, and enable faster recovery when you overdo it. Following are some specific benefits of incorporating massage therapy into your exercise program.

  • Reduction in muscle tension
  • Increased range of motion
  • Improvement in soft tissue function
  • Reduction in swelling
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Decreased delayed-onset muscle soreness
  • Reduction in breathing pattern disorders
  • Decreased muscle stiffness and fatigue after exercise

The last point – decreased muscle stiffness and fatigue after exercise – is significant on its own and brings to light the many benefits of post-exercise massage. It’s easy to try to get the most out of a great weather day, the longer days of summer, or a day off, and overdo it – resulting in muscle stiffness, soreness and fatigue. That can mean your next workout may be painful or even have to be cut short. Sometimes when you ask too much of your body, the resulting pain can even interfere with daily activities. But post-exercise massage may help you skip some of the discomfort. 

The results of a study conducted by the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and McMaster University of Ontario, indicate that massage therapy reduces inflammation associated with exercise-induced damage to skeletal muscles. It also showed potential benefits for those with inflammatory disease, with evidence that massage therapy may affect inflammation at the cellular level, similar to the effects of anti-inflammatory medications.

The highly-qualified therapists at Elements Massage offer a variety of massage techniques to help you maximize the effectiveness of your exercise routine, reduce your risk of exercise-related injury, and minimize post-exercise soreness or stiffness. Talk with us about affordable ways to integrate  massage into your exercise regimen to make the most of your fitness goals and enjoy your active lifestyle even more.

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