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Chronic Conditions? How Massage Can Help!

Chronic Conditions? How Massage Can Help!

Elements Massage Denver West

Additionally, the combination of a more holistic approach to treatment may help decrease reliance on narcotic painkillers. This inevitably results in demonstrating that life and activities can be enjoyed not through a cure of chronic pain but through a management strategy that empowers the sufferer to reclaim their capacity to shift their mindset and behavior when dealing with the struggles and challenges of chronic pain.

How Massage Works

Since massage is a whole body approach, the stress responses associated with chronic pain are reduced through the application of pressure and attention to specific areas of the body. By kneading, rubbing, and working out muscle knots, massage promotes health through the stimulation of many different systems while also encouraging a mental/physical relationship and awareness. Addressing muscle and soft tissue pain through the act of human touch can help familiarize chronic pain sufferers with how their specific type of pain effects their entire body.

Benefits for Chronic Conditions:

  • Lowers stress and anxiety levels
  • Decreases production of cortisol
  • Boost production of serotonin
  • Promotes flexibility and range of motion
  • Increases quality of sleep
  • Helps strengthen mind/body connection

According to a poll conducted by Opinion Research Corp. International and published on WebMD, over 90% of a national sample of Americans polled believe that massage is both good for a person’s health and also can be an effective method of pain relief.

Visit us at Elements Massage Denver West and found out for yourself how you can make massage a central part of your pain management strategy.

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