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Julie K Level 4 | Licensed Massage Therapist

Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

Hi, I’m Julie and I’m looking forward to helping you reduce long-term and common injuries. Being a Colorado native, I know how to work with the active individuals, especially cyclists.

Why I am Passionate about Massage:

I love being able to help people learn more about their bodies. I also really enjoy helping people recover from long-term injuries, surgeries, and helping them return to the lifestyle they truly want.

About my massage:

I love to do deep tissue and can go pretty deep on my clients. I can also do lighter massages as well. I tend to focus on what my clients are having problems with body-wise. I am trained in multiple modalities and have a medical approach to massage. My favorites to use are kinesiotherapy, deep tissue, and acupressure.  I use these modalities to help my clients recover from injuries. Kinesiotherapy is isolated stretching exercises using client’s own body to help increase range of motion in joints.

What my clients say:

They feel I really listen to what they ask for. Also, that I am able to pinpoint their problem areas well. They also say I can go deeper than most therapists they have been to in the past.


I have been doing massage just over 3 years if you count my time as a student. I have worked with a chiropractor for 1 year and worked with a different chiropractor for only 1 year. I graduated from Indiana College of Sports and Medical Massage where they taught me to work on pre and post operative clients and focused on athletes.

Favorite Modality: Cranial sacral and deep tissue

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