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Castle Rock Promenade

Promenade at Castle Rock

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4991 Factory Shops Blvd.
Castle Rock, CO 80108

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

Elements' Business Partners

Elements Castle Rock Promenade is pleased to offer our Wellness Program clients exclusive discounts and other benefits from our local business partners listed below.

Check back frequently as we update and add additional partners and benefits for Castle Rock.

Stride Mob

Stridemob was created in the minds of 2 moms, while training, organizing community runs, workouts and social events through an amazing local triathlon club. While running our kids and ourselves back and forth to events and practices we realized that we actually thrive off the "organized chaos" we are engulfed in.. what was the next logical step? Make it a full time thing of course!! And so it begins... Our goal Create Community. We live in Colorado where the events are endless. What makes us stand out? The community and the experience. Although we race to PR, to do our best, we stay because of community and experience. No matter the size of the event we help with or put on ourselves, we want everyone to feel like they are not one in a crowd, but one in a community and family. We will strive to have every participant to walk away smiling with a feeling of accomplishment, knowing that they were a part of something amazing and positive!

Castle Rock Cryocare logo

Castle Rock Cryocare

At Castle Rock CryoCare Clinic, our cryotherapy is state-of-the-art! We are the only clinic on the Front Range specializing solely in cryogenic therapy for wellness and vitality. Dr. DeSimone and his staff believe in the healing properties of cryotherapy because they have experienced it for themselves. Our staff possesses a deep understanding of the science behind cryotherapy. We ensure our patients’ safety and provide a helpful, positive experience in order for you to achieve your wellness goals. We offer a delightful customer experience focused on your comfort in our immaculate facility. From professional athletes to people who have struggled with a chronic medical condition for years, whole body Cryotherapy is proving to be a life changing, natural remedy! Our clients report benefits such as: • Alleviates musculoskeletal pain, swelling and inflammation • Aids in recovery from surgery, sprains or sports injuries • Relief from the symptoms of autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus and multiple sclerosis • Faster recovery from athletic training and workouts • Increased energy for that competitive edge (or for running after your kids) • Tighter, smoother skin • Caloric burn of 500-800 calories per session - helps boost weight loss • A better night’s sleep • Mental clarity This treatment impacts real people's lives by optimizing their wellness and alleviating chronic pain. We invite you to come see for yourself -- stop by for a free tour! Or better yet, feel for yourself by taking advantage of our introductory Cryotherapy special. We're offering 2 Cryotheraphy treatments for just $50 (a regular value of $130). We look forward to seeing you and having you experience this first hand!

CycleBar Castle Pines Logo

CycleBar Castle Pines

In 2014, Bill Pryor and his sister Alex Klemmer deiced to create one of the first independent cycling studios in the country in their Boston neighborhood. Both Bill, then a corporate executive, and Alex, a stay-at-home mom, recognized that there were three key ingredients to a successful indoor cycling experience: great instructors, great music, and a great environment. They opened their first dedicated studio a year later and have been perfecting their high-energy, cycling- focused concept ever since. Now, ten years later, Pryor and Klemmer have partnered with like-minded fitness enthusiasts to allow others to experience and benefit from the CycleBar experience. THE CYCLEBAR MISSION Create a fun and accessible experience for riders of all ages and fitness levels. Ensure every CycleBar ride is an unparalleled multisensory, intoxicating journey. Hire and retain the very best people. Fuel each ride with amazing music, energy-enhancing video graphics and rider-specific performance data in a state-of-the-art CycleTheatre™. Deliver concierge-level service and an exhilarating experience that goes far beyond a great cardio fitness workout. Rock the ride, each and every time. CASTLE PINES 562 E CASTLE PINES PKWY SUITE C1 & C2 | CASTLE ROCK, CO 80108 303-353-2753

Waxing the City

Wax and the City - Castle Rock It all starts with the wax The only way to provide the very best wax experience is to start with the very best wax. At Waxing the City, our wax not only offers gentle hair removal, it also soothes and comforts your skin. Exclusively ours At Waxing the City®, we feature a custom-formulated hard wax made for us by one of the world’s leading wax manufacturers in Spain. This special wax, combined with our unrivaled Cerology® waxing services, makes the entire waxing experience much more comfortable! For facial and sensitive body areas Our beautiful, blue hard wax is used exclusively in all Waxing the City studios. Its unique properties allow the wax to shrink-wrap around the hair and lift easily from the skin—all while soothing, exfoliating, and softening the skin. For large areas on the body There are times when a soft wax is better suited to the service. That’s why we also offer an exclusive soft wax in our studios. This heavenly, golden wax comforts the skin as it removes even the most stubborn hair. FACIAL WAXING Female brow shaping Men's masculine brow tailoring Men's maintenance brow Men's facial grooming package Tween brow Lip Full face Ears Chin Neck Nose Sideburns Brow tint Lash tint

The Joint Chiropractic

OUR CHIROPRACTIC APPROACH Chiropractic is more than just a solution for back pain, it’s key to a healthy lifestyle. We make regular chiropractic care an affordable and accessible part of your everyday routine. No appointments. No insurance required. Convenient locations. Extended hours that include evenings and weekends…In a warm and friendly setting.