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Reclaim your energy

Reclaim your energy

Anita S.

Events over the past year have drained our energy, and made it difficult to live a normal existence. Fear is a natural response to stress, danger, emotional shock and emergencies, and when it takes over, it can become a chronic condition.

When fear takes over, it claims our energy. It leads us to disconnect and to retreat, without any explanation. It can also lead to sleeplessness, anxiety, loss of appetite, and depression, among some issues. Acknowledging that fear has taken it's grip, is a first step in releasing it.

Embracing an attitude of positivity, and making healthy life choices is the most powerful move in eradicating fear. Part of the healthy life choices include becoming active and exercising, paying attention to feelings and accepting them, making good food choices, and getting enough rest. Hydration and practicing deep breathing to relax and calm, are critical to gaining our energy back.

Engaging with the world again, by connecting with social groups, family and friends, and returning to activities give us opportunities for the human interactions we need. Regaining energy and living a good quality filled life is a choice we are definitely in control of. We can also choose to live a life full of fear. It is up to us to make necessary changes to live without fear, and live a life of abundant energy.

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