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Should I talk during a massage?

Should I talk during a massage?

Owner, Pam Garrett

Some days, our clients come to visit their therapists feeling energized and upbeat.  They are delighted to see their therapists and our staff, and are full of invigorating conversation.  On other days, the same client might come in tired, worn-down and feeling a need for soothing comfort.  

When it comes to conversation and the 'right or wrong' of it... it all depends on what YOU want. Elements Massage doesn't have any single 'right' way for clients to behave.  We are here to provide hand-crafted, personalized massage that precisely delivers what each of our clients want... no matter if it changes from day to day, or visit to visit.

If you feel like talking, do!  If you want to be quiet, do!  Your therapist will take their cues from you.  If you want to chat, just remember to keep your voice low so it doesn't carry to others. If you usually talk, but today is different, let your therapist know that today you just want to quietly receive the benefits of their skills and re-energize yourself.  They will appreciate gaining more insight into what you specifically need from them on that specific visit. 

We understand that our clients look forward to their massage.  We know that they use massage to be changed physically, spiritually and emotionally.  When we don't deliver, we know that they are disappointed.  Communicating your specific needs only helps us guaranty your satisfaction.  As the owner of the massage industry's highest customer satisfaction scores, that is critical to us.  

So... Talk or don't talk... Just make sure it's what YOU want to do during your massage. 

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