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Employee Productivity and Massage

Pam Garrett May 8, 2015 Wellness

Stress in the workplace is costing employers billions of dollars with its impact on employee health and productivity.  Some employers are proactively 'fighting back', incorporating regular sessions of chair massage in their place of business to address employee  health and wellness issus.    

Nurturing our Mom's with Massage

Joyce Westrich, LMT Apr 24, 2015 Emotional Wellness

Our Mothers nuture us through our childhood.  Some of our fondest memories are of our mother's nurturing touch.  Do mothers need nurturing, too?  Does a nurturing touch help our mothers age, feel loved in return, or even 'special'?  Yes, Yes and Yes! The compassionate, peaceful and healing touch of massage can be the best gift. 

Massage for Athletes

Rick Crone, LMT Mar 14, 2015 Athletics and Massage

Massage can help athletes to prepare for events, recover more quickly after an event and even, in some cases, perform better during athletic events. 

Gratitude Wednesday

Pam Garrett, Owner Mar 11, 2015 Gratitude Wednesday

We say "Thanks" with discounted massage for those who work in industries that normally take care of us and our families.  

Computers and Desks - The #1 Reason People Need Massage

Jayne Raab Nov 14, 2014 Computers and Desks - The #1 Reason People Need Massage

Most people think of massage as a way to pamper themselves.  The facts are that massage therapists spend most of their time helping people who spend excessive amounts of time at a desk on their computers or laptops. 

The Power of Touch with a Customized Massage

Pam Garrett Sep 11, 2014 Attire for Massage

Pam Garrett, owner of Elements Therapeutic Massage tells why the power of touch can help us heal. At Elements Massage customized massage isthe standard.  

Why Elements Massage West Chester

Pam Garrett Aug 23, 2014 Videos

Discover why Elements Massage West Chester is different from other massage therapy studios. Clients speak out about their experiences.

My Feet are Killing Me!

Rick Crone Aug 4, 2014 My Feet are Killing Me!

So many things can cause your feet to ache - wearing painful (but so pretty) high heels, standing or walking too long, or it could be plantar fasciitis.  Did you know that as little as ten minutes of massage and stretching can help your plantar fasciitis pain 

Massage Therapy and Body Image

Pam Garrett Jul 22, 2014 Body Image and Massage

Negative Body Image keeps some women from receiving the massage they need to help heal their body.

What Should I Wear, and How Much, for my Massage?

Jeff Willig Apr 22, 2014 Attire for Massage

Wondering what type of clothes - and how much - to wear when you get a massage?  Read on to find out.

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